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ESMSA Boys Lacrosse

Our Mission Statement:

Eastport-South Manor Sports Association provides a multitude of experiences in different sports to enhance and develop our children in the best way possible.  At ESMSA Boys Lacrosse our goal, in fact our mission is to not only become one of the best youth lacrosse programs by continually striving to improve, but more importantly by developing our boys into better players, teammates, and leaders for tomorrow.  We are here for our boys as they grow up to ensure that the transition from grade school to the Junior/Senior High School is as seamless as possible, promising to do the best for them.

Our efforts to improve the Boys Lacrosse Program have taken many different turns to accomplish this.  We are constantly striving to offer opportunities for all of our boys to enhance their lacrosse training and overall athletic abilities.

ESMSA Boys Lacrosse now has a few distinct parts…. the first is our most fundamental and that is our Spring Lacrosse League which we participate through the newly combined Nassau Suffolk PAL Long Island Lacrosse League.  As a condition of our participation in the PAL Spring Lacrosse League all rules, procedures, and regulations set forth by the PAL Board are followed to the best of our abilities including player conduct, parent conduct, as well as equipment and playtime requirements.

Our second part is all of those opportunities we offer for enhancing the experience for not only our players but our parents as well…all of our Lax Family Members.  These include our various clinics, Training Program, Lax Days, Fundraising Events and more opportunities to come…all there to make our program the most positive experience it can be.

Our newest addition to the program is our biggest and most important…Welcome to SharkBite Lacrosse…please click on the SharkBite Lacrosse section to learn more about what’s new.

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